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Who We Are

Words of Inspiration

We are a collective of dedicated movers who share a love of music, dance, and soulful inquiry.

We are inspired and sourced by The 5 Rhythms, Moving Soul Dance, Soul Motion, Open Floor, Contact Improvisation, Journey Dance, Continuum, World Dance and many other forms of embodied movement.

We use movement as a vehicle for creative self-expression, exploration, meditation, play and healing.

We gather weekly with a rotating list of four consistent DJ/ facilitators from within our dance family.

We strive to create musical soundscapes with a high level of integrity, heart, and passion.

We share the role of DJ/Facilitator to broaden the base of creative viewpoints, and to encourage a variety of experiences

We offer a space where both new and experienced dancers have the opportunity to explore and express physically, emotionally and relationally.

We believe that each dancer is responsible for their own safety while also being aware of the safety of others


What We Do

Every DJ-facilitator brings their particular strengths and character to the dance experience.  The tone of the dance is orchestrated through the chosen musical palette and theme of the day. 


Occasionally the facilitator may augment with gentle movement cues.

We encourage expressive and subtle movement as well as, ahh…stillness.

We offer a safe place to explore emotions, playfulness, and sacred inquiry. 

Dancing alone or with others is encouraged, mindful of each other’s boundaries.  

Meet Our Facilitators

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