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Our Mission

Non profit, all inclusive, collectively created dance space

Guidlines and Tips


​     It’s about…

  •  How it feels, not how it looks 

  • Trusting your process. It’s OK to be low energy one day and high energy the next  

  • Exploring any tempo and impulse that moves you 

  • Allowing your emotional, spiritual and physical impulses to inform your dance 

  • Inviting a myriad of expressions from clumsy to graceful to grounded to soaring

  • Exploring movement without choreography, you are the creator

  • Feeling more ALIVE 

  • Listening to your body’s wise cues

  • Healing mind/body, conscious/unconscious splits 

  • Unity

  • Authenticity

  • Calming your nervous system

  • Letting go


  • Direct your attention inside

  • Explore your body’s intuitive gestures and expressions

  • Circulate energy through your entire body

  • Give yourself permission to explore your dance without judgment 

  • Start where you are and let the music and movement take you

  • Listen to your heart and express what bubbles up 

  • Breathe, shake, leap, and wiggle.

  • Walk, hop, shuffle, be creative with your gait

  • Stop and start again. 

  • Close your eyes and breathe

  • Dance slow-mo

  • Move body parts separately, then put it all together

  • Use your imagination to dance your ”character” of the moment

  • Shake it out

  • It's normal to feel self-conscious. If you do the above, it will help you let go and have fun


  • Respect yourself...and everyone else's personal space 

  • When someone bows, hands in prayer, or any other “no” signal, it means they prefer to dance alone, and it’s not personal

  • In dancing with others: it’s ok to say yes, it’s ok to say no. Consent is imperative 


  • Each person is responsible for taking care of him/herself and deciding what he/she needs for his/her own safety and freedom

  • Collectively, we create permission for everyone in the room to express themselves

  • Any concerns may be directed to one of the LADC members or



  • The dance space is a “sacred” area, move through the room respectfully even if just walking in  

  • Let your body do the talking, if you need to talk, please move outside 

  • Bare feet and dance shoes inside, street shoes outside the door

  • No perfume please

  • Dogs, chinchillas, turtles, salamanders better left at home 

  • You may arrive and leave as you wish

  • No unauthorized photos or video

  • Bring water

  • Wear comfortable clothing to move in

  • We hold a closing circle to end the dance

  • If you bring a guest for the first time, one of you dances free

Play freely   Respect deeply   Dance wildly   Come back!

Our Values

  • We create a friendly environment, nurtured by sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries
  • We honor and value a variety of musical directions expressed by our DJ-facilitator’s, who are committed to harmonizing with the community’s tastes and needs
  • We encourage our community to share and celebrate their vision of dance with us
  • We come together to know ourselves, each other and the world through the languages of movement, dance and music
  • We share the gifts of movement in open, free-form dance gatherings offered by a community of like-hearted dancers
  • We offer a “contained” space where dancers have the opportunity to fully explore and express physically, emotionally and relationally 
  • We believe that as movers, we are all responsible for what happens on the 
  • dance floor
  • We share the dance floor respecting ourselves and each other. 
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